Adjectives or Describing words- Grade 1

adjectives pack

Adjectives are words used to describe nouns or pronouns.

Example: The little boy swam in the deep lake.

The nouns are boy and lake. ‘little’ describes the boy and ‘deep’ describes the lake. Little and deep are both adjectives. You can how these two words have added depth to the sentence and made us visualize it.

I have discussed describing words in detail on my blog. Click on the poster below and it will take you to my blog post where you can read about adjectives and also get this anchor chart FREE.


anchor chart for adjectives or describing words
describing words- anchor chart

Now, let’s discuss the pack which I will be sharing with you today.


nouns and adjectives worksheet for first grade and second grade

A simple worksheet where the child has to describe the noun by matching it with the describing word. ‘The glue is sticky’. I usually have the children form simple sentences from the matched words. ‘The rocket is fast’. The words are to be traced.

describing words and moods worksheet for first grade and second grade

Trace the words and match those with the right faces/expressions.


adjective describing words worksheet for grade 1 and 2


Circle the word that best describes the noun.


describing words and colours worksheet for first grade and second grade


Read the sentences. Underline the nouns and circle the adjectives. Colour the pictures based on the description.

add describing words and draw pictures worksheet for first grade and second grade


a __________ banana

a  ____________ elephant

a _________ ball

a __________ pencil

Describe these nouns and then draw them!

I have nouns, verbs and adjectives sorting games for children on my website. Do check those. It is a good way to learn discriminating among ‘nouns verbs adjectives’ and also build vocabulary.

nouns and describing words worksheet for first grade and second grade

Read the naming words and then highlight the two adjectives that describe it best.

There is another exercise where the child has to highlight the adjectives in the sentence, Please note that a sentence can have more than one adjective.

adjectives and antonyms worksheet for first grade and second grade

I have used simple antonyms for this worksheet. Words with opposite meanings are called antonyms.

happy   sad

hot      cold

slow    fast

Use these words to complete the sentences.

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adjectives pack
Adjectives pack Grade 1

I hope you find this resource useful.

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  1. Very helpful! I like the way you varied the activities and the angle, approaching the concept from different places. Thank you for sharing and good luck! 😊👍🏻

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