I have… who has? a-z BEGINNING SOUNDS game

beginning sounds activity for kindergarten and preschool

Beginning sounds!

It’s the first step towards learning to read a language. Distinguishing beginning sounds from the rest of the word prepares your child to read and write.

I love designing beginning sounds activities and games keeping our preschoolers and kindergarteners in mind. With this game, our little learners can practice phonics sound a-z.

I have… Who has? cards game is a fun way for kids to read, learn and practice various skills. The easiest way to make children practice beginning sounds is through hands-on games and beginning sound activities.

beginning sound activity for kindergarten and preschool

Have the children sit in a circle. The child with the start card goes first. The children stand and read their cards. And a chain reaction ensues.

beginning sounds activities for kindergarten and preschool

It is also a good way to teach alphabetical order since the game works in that order.

beginning sound activities for kindergarten and preschool

Our little ones may not be able to read yet, but they are quick to catch on to how the game is played and read their cards accordingly.

beginning sounds with pictures cards game for kindergarten and preschool

This is a tried and tested game. There are a total of 27 cards in this pack.

beginning sounds with pictures card game for kindergarten and preschool

Most times, I play this game along with the children. Trust me, the little ones appreciate that and it increases involvement.

beginning sounds picture cards activity for kindergarten and preschool


There are 7 sheets with 4 cards printed on each sheet. That makes it 28(27) cards in all.

You will need to print these sheets and cut them into cards. Print these picture cards on card stock and laminate them for durability.


beginning sounds game and activity for kindergarten and preschool


If you think playing the game once will be enough for your little ones, you could not be more wrong. We usually play this game twice or more. I like to compliment this pack with my ‘beginning sounds match’ worksheets Pack.

Do make sure that you also practice alphabetical order when playing this game. I did it with this game and it really worked well in my class.


beginning sounds picture games for kindergarten and preschool

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