A simile is a figure of speech. It compares two different things in an interesting way. We use ‘as’ or ‘like’ for comparison. It adds a spark to writing and makes it more interesting in a listener’s mind.

Let’s take a few examples of similes.

The baby is playful.


The baby is playful as a kitten.

The clothes I bought from America are cheap.


The clothes I bought from America are cheap as dirt.

My great grandfather is very old.


My great grandfather is as old as the hills.

My dad is a wise man.


My dad is wise as an owl.

I am warm under my blanket.


I am warm as a toast under my blanket.

Do you see how the above simile examples add a punch to otherwise normal sentences?

similes meaning and anchor chart


The above simile anchor chart with simile examples can be used to stick on the wall of your classroom.

similes images

As sharp as a needle

As lazy as a pig

As big as an elephant

As funny as a clown

Encourage your students to use similes in sentences.

similes list

There are 6 simile picture card sheets with 4 cards printed on each sheet. That makes it 24 cards in all. You will need to print these sheets and cut them into cards. Print these picture cards on card stock and laminate them for durability. If card stock is not possible, try 100 GSM A4 sheets like these.

similes exampleI have used very simple simile examples in this pack which are easy and can be used in everyday life situations.

similes examples

Vegetables and fruits are also used for comparison.

As cool as a cucumber

As sweet as honey

As sweet as sugar

As red as a beetroot

As red as a tomato

simile examples

As tall as a giraffe

As busy as a bee

As sweet as honey

As brave as a lion

similes examples and list with pictures for first grade, second grade and third grade

Do try the ‘Similes worksheets’ Pack I have just prepared. It has a similes list above  and four interesting worksheets that will give your child ample practice for using similes.

simile example


As slow as a snail


As slow as a tortoise


As black as coal


As black as crow


As black as night


As clear as crystal


As clear as day


As clear as a bell


As clear as water


As clear as glass

Do you see that there are so many ways we can compare something that is black or clear or slow?


simile worksheet with answers

You can download the above worksheet from this ‘Vocabulary Pack.’

similes worksheet for grade 2

The above simile worksheet can be downloaded from the ‘Common Nouns Pack.’


simile examples and meaning

This pack is a subscriber freebie.

download free phonics and grammar worksheets

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