Write the beginning sounds! Pack 2

It’s time when our little beginners have completed the beginning sounds from a-z and are all set to identify them. It is important to visit alphabet sounds regularly since they form the base for blending.

I am sharing a set of five worksheets where the children have to identify the pictures and write their sounds in the blocks. If children are not comfortable writing beginning sounds, you can have them stamp the sound.

write the secret sentence worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

Our little preschoolers who are not comfortable writing can try stamping the letters or can use plastic or wooden letters in the blocks. Imagine how much fun it will be for our little ones. I love this wooden stamp set by Melissa and Doug. The stamps which include both uppercase and lowercase letters are easy to hold and quite sturdy. I have had this set for five years. I did have the ink stamp pad a few times though.


phonics beginning sound worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

Identify the pictures and write their beginning sounds. The answers are provided within the pack on a separate sheet. You can complement these worksheets with my addictive ‘I have… who has’ beginning sounds game.



free phonics beginning sound worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

You can find Pack 1 of ‘Write the beginning sounds’ on my website.

Another beginning sound activity that I must suggest here is the ‘Beginning sounds activity mats’ Pack.

phonics beginning sounds worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

Regular practice for beginning sounds is important during their preschool and kindergarten years. It forms the basis of reading. You can find free ‘a-z picture cards or beginning sound flashcards’ on my website.


free beginning sound worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

If children have not yet begun to write letters on their own, check this ‘Trace the beginning sound pack’ where the beginning sound needs to be traced. I have covered all beginning sounds from a-z in this pack.

It is a zero prep resource and I hope you find it useful.


beginning sound with pictures worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

This pack is a subscriber freebie.


download free phonics and grammar worksheets www.englishsafari.in

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