Saturday, 18 January, 2020

Category: Digraphs

ng nk words with pictures for kindergarten and first grade

‘ng’ and ‘nk’ sound are easily confused by children since they sound pretty similar. So, I decided to create these flashcards for ng and nk words. These flashcards can also Read more…

sh ch th wh ph words sentences read and match worksheets for kindergarten and first grade

What are consonant digraphs? Consonants are all letters in the alphabet apart from the vowels a, e, i, o, and u. b c d f g h j k l Read more…

FREE Digraph sh and ch worksheets pack for kindergarten and grade 1

We have covered digraphs ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ separately. You can download the free sh ch words pack by clicking on the links which follow.  ‘Digraph sh pack’ and ‘Digraph ch Read more…

Digraph 'ch' pack of worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1

I usually tell children that when ‘c’ and ‘h’ come together, they form a new sound, /ch/. It is the sound that a moving train makes (choo-choo). We make this sound when we sneeze (a-choo!). It is a good way to introduce this digraph to kids.