Friday, 24 January, 2020

Category: Word Families

Phonics reading sentences worksheets for og words family for kindergarten and preschool

Phonics lays a foundation for fluent reading, spelling and understanding word structures. A firm grasp of phonics lays a strong foundation and ensures that children do not struggle when reading. Read more…

phonics short vowel word families cards for kindergarten and first grade

Teaching phonics word families helps beginning readers read simple words. A word family is basically a group of words with the same sound pattern. Words belonging to one family are Read more…

short vowel e word family worksheets pack for preschool and kindergarten

Hi! It’s time to meet another short vowel word family- the ‘e’ family. Your little one will love these fun word family worksheets. If you haven’t checked the short vowel Read more…

aeiou word families picture sort cut paste activity for kindergarten

What are word families?
Word families are groups of words that have a common pattern or groups of letters with the same sound. For example, the “en” word family includes Ben, den, hen, men, pen, ten, yen, zen etc.

Word belonging to the same family are also rhyming words.

Free booklet to practice writing 'a' family an am at ad ag ap words for preschool and kindergarten

Teaching word families is a great way to help emergent readers blend and make simple words! A word family is a group of words with the same letter pattern. For Read more…