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The -ck spelling rule – Pack 1

Spelling rule pack for the sound 'ck' for kindergarten and grade 1

The ck words rule- when a single short vowel word ends with the /k/ sound, it is spelled -ck!

To understand ck words rule better you can check my blog post for /ck/ spelling rule here.

Read and colour words ending with ck
Read-ck words

ck rule words worksheet in which the child can read the words ending with ck and highlight the ck sound. This ck word list worksheet also help the child understand patterns in words which are important for fluent reading and also for perfecting spellings. Since ‘ck’ has two letters, it can be more confusing when writing the spellings

Read, match and paste words ending with ck
Read, match and paste ck words

Read, match and paste simple ck rule words. A cut and paste picture sort worksheet for children. Cut the pictures and read the words. Then stick the pictures under the correct words. The child can highlight the ‘ck’ sound while reading the words.

ck words worksheet for kindergarten. complete the ck words and write ack ick ock uck eck

In the next ck words worksheet,trace ack, eck, ick, ock and uck. Then, complete the ck words by writing the missing beginning sound.

Read and match the ck words to the right picture
spelling rule -ck

In the above worksheet, read and trace the ck words and match them to the right picture.

follow the ck spelling rule and spell the words3
Paste ck words
follow the ck spelling rule and spell the words2
Build ck words

follow the ck spelling rule and spell the words1spell ck words


In the above three cut paste letter sort worksheets, cut the letter tiles and have the child spell the ck rule words by sticking the letter tiles. Alternatively, the child can also choose to write the words.

Write the missing vowel sound for the ck words
Missing vowel ck sound

Write the missing vowel sound for the ck words in the above worksheet.

stick the ck words in alphabetical order and match them to the picture
stick ck words

In this last worksheet, cut the word tiles and paste them alphabetically on the table above. It will help the child understand the order of alphabets. Then match the words to the pictures. Colour the pictures.


Spelling rule for the ck sound. ck comes after a short vowel
Phonics sound ck

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I hope you find this resource useful.

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