Collective Nouns Pack 1

nouns worksheets for class 4 and class 3

Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people, places, animals or things. Words like crowd, mob, archipelago,  cluster, herd, flock etc. are some examples of these nouns. These nouns can be singular in form even though they refer to a group of things.


There is a bunch of keys on the table. Here a bunch of keys is being referred to as singular since it is a single bunch we are referring to.

Groups of people – band, choir, army, mob, crowd, audience etc.

Groups of animals – swarm, herd, flock, colony, leap, memory, tower, dazzle etc.

Groups of things – bunch, bundle, chest, string, bunch etc.


collective nouns list for class 4

The above sheet is collective nouns list which can be a use read for children as well as adults. It is a mix of nouns for people, animals and things.

I print this collective nouns list for each child in the class and we read it together before moving on to there worksheets

My blog has a pack of collective nouns anchor chart and task cards which makes for an interesting activity.


Collective nouns cut and paste worksheet for class 4 and class 3

The first is an interesting cut and paste picture sort worksheet. Colour the pictures and cut them. Then read the phrase and paste these noun pictures next to the collective noun it relates to.

a clutch of eggs

a dazzle of zebras

a bunch of keys

a tower of giraffes

a colony of ants

a pack of cards

a forest of trees

a string of beads

collective nouns list pdf for class 4 and class 3

In the above worksheet, draw a line to match each collective noun to a noun it relates to.

nouns worksheets for second grade and third grade

The last worksheet of this pack includes two exercises. Read the nouns in the word bank and complete the phrases.

In the next exercise, complete the sentences using  the nouns from the above exercise.


collective nouns list and worksheets pack for second grade and third grade

This Pack of worksheets is a subscriber freebie.

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