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Decoding words – phonics fluency

So, our little readers have begun reading and decoding words which are three letters long quite comfortably. What next? Can we try decoding words which have five to six letters in them?

break six letter long compound words and read them worksheet for kindergarten

I am really excited about this pack that I have created. It consists of short vowel words and the above worksheet can be read comfortably by children who are able to blend/read three letter or CVC words.

Compound words are two or more words put together to form a new word with a new meaning. In these worksheets, two words that form the compound word are in different colours. For example, the word hotdog, hot is in gray colour and dog is in black colour. It will help the child know when a word ends and where a new one begins. So, in a way the word is already decoded. To read about compound words in details, check this post.

split compound words and read them worksheet for kindergarten


chunk compound words and read them worksheet for kindergarten

For the next two decoding words worksheets, the child should be comfortable reading digraphs sh, ch and th. The child should also be comfortable reading ck words and double consonant ff, ll, ss and zz words.

This decoding words pack is also good for enhancing vocabulary as the  child is being introduced to so many new words.

decode compound words and read them worksheet for kindergarten

In the above decoding words worksheet, the words have initial consonant l, r and s blends.

All the words are short vowel compound words which means that both the words which form the word make complete sense on their own individually which only makes reading easier. Therefore I feel that when it comes to reading longer words, we should begin with compound words.

decode short vowel compound words and read them worksheet for kindergarten


decode compound words and read them worksheet for kindergarten

In the last two worksheets, children are introduced to compound words with ending blends like nd, nk, lf, ft etc. You will find that we are gradually progressing with each worksheet.

This pack will introduce our little readers to 120 new words which is great for vocabulary. Also, they will be introduced to the concept of breaking down a word or dividing it into chunks and reading it.

I tried this pack with class and it did wonders to their reading and confidence.

They are no more scared of big words. Rather, they cannot wait to take up the challenge of reading longer words.


decode simple compound words and read them worksheet for kindergarten

I have also created the same worksheet in a single colour. If you see the words in the worksheet above, they are not separated by colour.  So, decoding words will be more challenging for our little readers. You can choose either depending on the comfort of the child. I began with the simpler worksheets where both words of the compound word are in a different colour and then gradually moved to the more challenging ones.

decode and read compound words and read them worksheet pack for kindergarten

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For more compound word worksheets, click here.

I hope you find these resources useful.

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