Phonics sound ‘ee’ Pack 2

ee words worksheets for kindergarten and first grade

Long vowels are used to refer to the vowel sounds whose pronunciation is the same as its letter name.

Long vowel sounds are also called ‘alphabet sounds.’ They are called long vowel sounds because we hold them longer than short vowel sounds.

Let’s take an example. Hear the sound of the vowel ‘e’ in the word ten. It is the short vowel sound /e/.

Now hear the sound of ‘ee’ in the word teen. It makes the alphabet sound of alphabet ‘e.’

Let me share a few more examples.

short vowel              long vowel

fed                            feed

step                         steep

bled                         bleed

red                          reed

wed                        weed

check                     cheek

I will be sharing Pack 2 of ‘ee sound words.’ You can find Pack 1 of ‘ee words’ on my blog.

ee sound word list for kindergarten and first grade
ee sound word list

The first worksheet is the ee sound words for reading and colouring words with the ‘ee’ sound. Instead of the whole word, make your child colour only the ‘ee’ sound of the word. It helps register the sound better.

Do not forget to check my ‘Long vowel e’ words with pictures FlashCards.

ee cut and paste picture sort worksheet for kindergarten and first grade
ee picture sort worksheet

The next ‘ee sound words’ worksheet is a picture sort, ‘cut and paste’ worksheet. Cut the picture tiles and let your child read the words and paste the pictures under the correct word.

ee sound words with pictures worksheet for kindergarten and first grade
Match the ee words with pictures

In the next ‘ee words’ worksheet children have to read the words and match it to its picture. Do not forget to trace the word.

This Pack is the second part of my ‘ee sound’ Pack. The words in this pack are longer and accompanied with digraphs and consonant blends. If you are just beginning with the ‘ee sound’, I suggest you try Pack 1 of ee sound first. The words in that pack are shorter, simpler and ideal for beginners.

ee sound crossword for kindergarten and first grade
sound ee crossword

The above worksheet is a crossword worksheet for sound ‘ee.’ It will surely be fun and challenging for the kids. The words are provided in the word bank.

ee sound word sentences worksheet for kindergarten and first grade
ee sound sentences

The next worksheet has simple sentences that will give the child reading practice. The child has to complete the sentence by using one of the words in the bracket. Use the word which makes more sense in the sentence.

ee words puzzles cut and paste worksheet for kindergarten and first grade
ee words puzzles

The last worksheet has six ‘ee words’ puzzles. Cut across the darker lines which will give you six puzzle squares. Now, cut along the dotted line for each puzzle and you will have three little strips. Have the child try to form the picture and read the word. The solved puzzle can be pasted in a notebook and then the word can be used in a simple sentence. To understand how to do this particular activity please go to the end of my ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ blog post by clicking here.

ee sound worksheets for kindergarten and first grade
ee sound worksheets free phonics and grammar worksheets

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