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Ending sound Clip it cards

FREE 72 ending sound clip cards for kindergarten and preschool

These clip it cards focus on the ‘ending sound’ of a word. It will give the child an opportunity to practice ‘ending sounds’. There are 72 clip cards. Each card has a picture and three possible ending sounds. Clip the correct one from those three sounds.

hill, fizz, buzz, cab, dog, frizz

I have not included digraphs or blends for ending sounds. This pack covers ending sounds from a-z. This pack will be ideal for preschool and kindergarten.

clip, blood, crayon, sack, broom, dragon

Print the sheets on card stock and laminate them for durability. If that’s not possible then at least print them on 100GSM A4 sheets like the ones I use sometimes.

Anything less that this will not be able to hold the clips. Clip cards are fun. Children look forward to this activity in my class. This activity also helps my little learners work on their fine motor muscles which are important for writing.

You can use clothespins for this activity. You can find some cute clips here.

lion, chin, cheek, shirt, doughnut, jam

I do not use paper clips for this activity since they are sharp.


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