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diphthongs oi oy word game

Phonics Diphthongs oi oy word game for first grade and second grade

We do not have classroom games just for fun though it might appear that way on the surface. The easiest way to make children learn is through hands-on games and activities.

Children love games! What better way to revisit sounds than to do it in the form of a game? This ‘I have, who has?’ game provides just that. I have designed this game for plenty of sounds after I saw how much the kids took to it. These games are a must have in a teacher’s kit.

Diphthongs oi oy word game for first grade and second grade

I am sharing this addictive chain reaction card game, “I have, who has” for diphthongs ‘oi’ and ‘oy’ today. This game has more than 50 oi oy sound words for practice.

I have oil! Who has boy?

How to play this game?

Have the children sit in a circle. The child with the start card goes first. The children stand and read their card. And a chain reaction ensues. The child with the correct answer stands up and reads their card. The game continues until ‘The end’ card is read. To make it more challenging, time the children and have them try to break their own record.

There are 4 sheets with 9 cards printed on each sheet. That makes it 36 cards in all. That makes it more than 50 oi  oy sound words for practice.

You will need to print these sheets and cut them into cards. Print these clip cards on card stock and laminate them for durability. If card stock is not possible, try 100 GSM A4 sheets like these.

Diphthongs oi oy sound words game for first grade and second grade

I am always on the lookout for ways to make teaching more fun and interesting. When I came across ‘I have, who has?’ game four years back, I knew I had to design one for my class.

Revision can be boring but with the ‘I Have, Who Has?’ game, it’s a breeze. These games are such a fun way for children to practice their reading skills and consolidate knowledge.

Phonics oi oy word game for first grade and second grade

If you are looking for this game in any other sound, do let me know by sharing it in the comments section. I will be happy to share it.

Phonics Diphthongs oi oy word game for first grade and second grade

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I hope your children enjoy this game.

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