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Pre-k Beginning sound activity sheets

A phonics beginning sound activity 26 worksheets set for preschool. See the sound and colour the pictures that begin with that sound.

This week I will be sharing alphabet and beginning sound worksheets packs for our little preschoolers.

This pack consists of 26 beginning sound worksheets.

beginning sound u worksheet for preshool


Identify the sound and then colour the pictures which begin with that sound. In the above worksheet, the beginning sound is vowel ‘u’. Umbrella, undershirt, upside down, upstairs, under and underline begin with ‘u’ but pear begins with the sound ‘p’.

These grasp crayons in the picture above are perfect for preschool children. They are easy to grip and help the child transition from grasp to grip formation. A must have with my 3-year olds. You can find them here.


Phonics beginning sound w worksheet for preschool. Colour the pictures that begin with w.

For the above worksheet Ww, watermelon, whale, whistle, witch, window and wand begins with the sound ‘w’ but envelope begins with the sound ‘e’ so it has not been coloured.

Kids can try rainbow writing for the alphabet and sound like in the sheet above.

I have kept the worksheets very simple. In each sheet, there is only one picture that does not begin with the beginning sound on the sheet.


Phonics beginning sound activity sheets pack a-z for preschool. This pack has 26 sheets.

This pack is a subscriber freebie. Please enter your ‘First name’ and ‘e-mail address’ to download it.

I do have other beginning sound sets for beginners. You can get these free sets from my blog by clicking on the image below.

Phonics beginning sound pack a-z

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Great! Thanks a lot!


Welcome. You can also visit my blog, for more freebies.

Love Hermsn

Great and awesome.
Congrats you for the well done materials. Please allowed me to aplly your materials in my class.
Thanks for sharing.


You can use this material in your class but please do not sell it or giveaway to anyone else. You can share the website address.


Thank you very much


Welcome 🙂 You can also visit my blog, for more freebies.


Thanks for the resources….very attractive and interesting..🤩🤩🤩👏👏👏


Thank you. Please do visit my blog, for more freebies.


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