Proper Nouns Pack 2

proper nouns worksheet for first grade and second grade

A proper noun is a specific name for a person, place, animal or thing.

I have a detailed lesson for nouns accompanied with worksheets. Do check it.

Have you even wondered why our names, names of schools or hospitals or holidays or months of the year or days of the week begin with a capital letter?

For example: simi or Simi?

Shiv Nadar School or shiv nadar school?

Medanta Hospital or medanta hospital?

march or March?

saturday or Saturday?

holi or Holi?

All of the above refer to someone or something specific or particular so, they will begin with a capital letter.

common noun and proper noun

The above anchor chart explains the difference between proper and common nouns.  I will be sharing five worksheets in this pack.

Before attempting this pack with your children, do try ‘Proper Nouns Pack1.’


days of the week worksheet

A day is a common noun but Sunday refers to a particular day of the week and therefore is a proper noun. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday always begin with a capital letter.


proper noun list for first gradeIn the above worksheets, the children will trace and match the common noun with its proper noun.


proper nouns worksheet 1st grade

Answer simple questions in this worksheet. Just remember that a proper noun begins with a capital letter. All the answers will begin with a capital letter.


punctuation worksheets for grade 2

The last worksheet is for rewriting the sentences correctly using basic punctuation.

-Sentences begin with a capital letter.

-Proper noun begins with a capital letter.

-Sentences end with a period (or question mark or exclamation mark)

Follow these rules to complete the above worksheet.

Her birthday is in June or July.

Miss Gupta is going to London.

This year, Deepawali will be celebrated in the month of October.

I enjoy playing with Barbie and Ken.

The city of Noida is in Uttar Pradesh.

Simi and I study at Pathways School.


proper noun worksheet for first grade and second grade

This pack is a subscriber freebie.

For more noun worksheets and lesson, check this space.

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