Read the short vowel CVC words and colour the picture.

Read the short vowel u words and colour the picture.

Three letter words or CVC words are the foundation of becoming a good reader and writer. It is what introduces the children to the world of blending and segmenting sounds and understanding patterns in words. This ‘three- letter words for kids’ pack is ideal for kindergarten to practice writing three-letter words.

We begin with beginning sounds for letters and then move on to blending those sounds.

Blending       c   a    t  ->  cat

Read the words in this three-letter words for kids worksheet pack. Find the correct picture and colour it. Do not forget to trace the short vowel word.

In case you have just introduced your children to three letter words, do try this word family pack first.

This pack contains five CVC words with pictures worksheet each for vowel a, e, i, o and u.

three letter words for kids worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1

Colour the correct picture in the ‘a’ three-letter words worksheet above. Most words have different ending sounds so that the child gets maximum reading practice.

To practice short vowel a word family, check this free ‘vowel a word family booklet’


CVC words with pictures for short vowel e worksheet for kindergarten and grade 1
Short-vowel-sound words

The kids will love this set. I recommend using these vowel worksheets for the purpose of revisiting the short vowel CVC words.



three letter words for kids for short vowel i worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1

Short vowel sounds are confusing for kids and they tend to forget them so constant practice is required.

These worksheets can be complemented with a fun and addictive CVC words game which is a great way to practice reading CVC words.

short vowel words worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1

In the above worksheet, cod is a type of fish so the correct picture to colour is the last one(fish).

This CVC words with pictures pack can be complemented with an addictive CVC words card game.

Another way to practice CVC words is CVC ClipCards activity. The child has to identify the picture and then clip one of the three words.


short vowel sound words worksheet for kindergarten and preschool

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