‘Write the secret sentence!’ worksheets for kindergarten

Write the secret sentence activity for preschool and kindergarten

UPDATE: I have uploaded PackII of ‘Write the secret sentence’ on my blog. Do check it.

Now that our children are pretty familiar with beginning sounds and blending has been introduced, let’s try this ‘write a sentence’ activity with them.

These ‘write a sentence’ activity worksheets will help them practice beginning sounds and also blending of CVC words. Also, sight words can be introduced with these worksheets.

One sure thing that I have learnt over the years about children is that they love cracking the code!

Tell them that there is a treasure hunt or a secret word to find and they are all up and raring to go.

This particular set is all about that. It will help our little learners in perfecting their beginning sounds. It will also enable them to learn new sight words. These worksheets are all about CVC words so they will get some reading practice. This pack will make them understand and form simple sentences.

phonics sentence worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
build the secret short vowel sentence

In the above worksheet, children have to write the beginning sounds of the pictures in the blocks and see how the secret sentence is revealed.

write the secret sentence stamping worksheet for kindergarteners

Our little preschoolers who are not comfortable writing can try stamping the letters or can use plastic or wooden letters in the blocks. Imagine how much fun it will be for our little ones. I love this wooden stamp set by Melissa and Doug. The stamps which include both uppercase and lowercase letters are easy to hold and quite sturdy. I have had this set for five years. I did have the ink stamp pad a few times though.


build a sentence worksheet for preschool and kindergarten
build the secret CVC words sentence

These worksheets are a good way of introducing kindergarteners to sentences. Write the beginning sounds of the pictures and form a sentence. Then write that sentence following basic punctuation. Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period (full stop).


form a sentence worksheet for preschool and kindergarten
build a sentence worksheets

The sentences are simple with introductory sight words.


build sentence worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

There are five worksheets in this pack.

Do not forget to colour the pictures!


Write the secret sentence activity for preschool and kindergarten
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This pack is a subscriber freebie.

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  1. Hi Payal, I came across your website and have had a look at a few of the resources and really like them .. I downloaded the secret sentence worksheets for my 4 year old and I know just how excited she will be while doing them 🙂
    Thanks for the great effort 👍

  2. Dear Payal,
    You are a great instructir. I would like to thank you for the materials you have been using even for sharing them.

  3. Hey! These look so perfect for our homeschool to make things fun. However when I went to print them they came out mostly black except the pictures. Is there something I can do about that? Anyone else have that problem when you printed them? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica. Thank you. I printed this set yesterday and there was no problem with it. Also, no one has mentioned having any problems while printing it.The file is in PDF format. The slide size is A4 and the orientation is landscape layout. Please check your computer and printer settings and then try to print the sheets once more. Let me know if it works out.

  4. Hi Ms Payal… I,m Suzie, a preschool teacher from Malaysia. tq for your sharing. it very helpful. my student enjoyed it very much. again… tq soo much

  5. I love the idea of secret code sentences. However, when I typed in my name and email address I could not access the downloads. Is there another way to subscribe? I even tried 2 emails with no results. Your response is greatly appreciated. If you are able to send me an email, please send it to: aztca63@gmail.com
    Thank you and have a blessed day!!

    1. Thank you. I checked it and it is working fine. Please try again.
      Enter your name and e-mail address and ‘click to download.’ A dialog box will open and you can save the file on your computer.

    1. Sorry about that, Raji. My website was under maintenance. It’s up and running now. Please try again. 🙂

      How to download?
      Read the complete post.
      Towards the end of each post, you will find a teal coloured button,’to download this resource, click here’
      Click on the button and enter your First name and e-mail address.
      Within two minutes, you will receive an e-mail with a link for the PDF file.

      I hope that helps. In case, you face any issue, please let me know.

  6. Hi, thanks for the resources but I cannot seem to download. No download link is sent to my email. Don’t know what’s wrong. Please advice. Thank you!

  7. These look great and my kinder would love them… I’ve been trying to subscribe to get the freebie but nothing has shown up in my mail. Would you be able to help me out?

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